Are you a valuable player?

As I was watching Kentucky’s post game press conference after their National Championship win Monday night, I heard John Calipari state something that he says he talks to his team about frequently. “Tell me what you do to help us win when you’re not scoring balls”. Calipari was responding to a question regarding the offensive struggles of his freshman sensation Anthony Davis, who made only one of his 10 field goal attempts that game. Despite the poor shooting percentage, there was no question who the most dominating player on the floor was. Since Davis couldn’t find his game offensively, he found other ways to impact the game by dominating the glass and also by recording 6 blocks. His help-side defense affected the way Kansas players attacked the basket. He also contributed offensively with 5 assists. The bottom line is that he found other ways to be a contributor on the floor. Anthony Davis has value.

As a player, what is your value to the team that you play for? Other than scoring points, what other skills do you truly want to be better at so that you can contribute those skills to help your team win. Are you really about winning? Or are you just concerned about how many points you score? Other than scoring, what other things are you good at that makes it difficult for your coach to take you out the game?

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Coaching Notes from John Chaney: No Turnovers


John Chaney teams, for the most part, had always carried the reputation of being tough hard-nosed defensive teams. Most college basketball analysts credited the success of Chaney’s Temple teams to their suffocating zone defenses. But the fact of the matter is, according to Chaney, the basis of everything he did was due to his philosophy of ‘No Turnovers’.

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Jay Bilas: Defining toughness

I came across this great article written by ESPN’s college basketball analyst, Jay Bilas. I always enjoy listening to this former ‘Dookie’ breaking the game down and you can definitely see the passion he has for the game of basketball. This is ESPN insider content, so I am pretty sure re-posting this here is frowned upon. But, this article is over 3 years old and besides, I’m pretty certain there are only about 7 people who even visit this blog…so I figure it’s no big deal. In all seriousness, this is an excellent article written by Jay Bilas that explains what being a tough player really means. All players should give this one a read.

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