No. Excuses. Period.

If you are a coach, you’ve probably heard it all before. If you are a player, there’s a good chance that you’ve spent more time than you should thinking of them. It’s in all of us…everyone has them. But only the toughest people can resist the ‘E’ word. I’ve always told all the players that I coach that their success in basketball is a choice. Either they choose the path of very hard work all the way to their success, or they can be lazy, or remain comfortable and content with mediocrity.

You determine how good you want to be. It’s not because the coach won’t give you enough playing time. It’s not because your ball-hogging teammate won’t ever pass you the ball. It’s not because your parents won’t support you. Your success in anything (not just basketball) is determined by the amount of EFFORT you put into your work. Effort is the ‘E’ word that you should be focusing on…not excuses. The effort that you put into your work is between only you and you. So, YOU are the only to blame if you are constantly coming up with excuses.

How many times have you come up with excuses for not practicing? How many excuses have you used for not wanting to go all out in practice or the games? Are you always giving 100% effort? Or are you coming up with excuses in your head, constantly searching for reasons not to give your FULL effort? Realize that I am not just talking about saying these excuses out loud to someone. The most deadliest excuses are the ones that just pop up in our head and linger. The ones that you just THINK about …those are the dream killers.

Don’t talk to Matt Scott about excuses. Matt Scott is a professional basketball player who never gave in to excuses. He had every reason in the world to give in and not give it his all. But people like Matt Scott never look for excuses for why they can’t or shouldn’t. Instead, successful people like Matt Scott are too busy trying to find out HOW they CAN and how they are going to JUST DO IT.

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