Ladder of Achievement

Here’s an oldie but goodie. I’m sure this has been seen already by most. I’ve added brief descriptions to the percentages just to help explain them a little further. In the end, there are really no excuses when it comes to reaching your goal.

Everyone thinks they want to achieve their goals…who wouldn’t want to achieve their goals? But not everyone is patient enough, not everyone is willing to put in the work it takes to achieve, and not everyone is willing to go through the hardships along the way. What percentage are you at? Do you really have goals that you want to achieve? What’s stopping you?


0%I Won’t – You have absolutely zero interest in the subject matter.

10%I Can’t – You have been challenged, but you have no confidence in yourself or your abilities.

20% – I Don’t Know How – You are interested in achieving the goal, but you are simply too LAZY to figure out how you can achieve it.

30% – I Wish I Could – You are a day-dreamer. Dreams are good, but they are just a waste of time if you don’t act on it.

40%What Is It? – Your interest has peaked and your goal is becoming a priority.

50%I Think I Might – You start thinking of ways to achieve your goal, but you are still unsure of yourself because you think of all of the negative things (obstacles) that may (or may not) happen.

60%I Might– You start thinking of solutions to the potential obstacles.

70%I Think I Can – Now that you figured out your solutions to your obstacles, you are ready to take action and achieve your goal.

80%I Can – You keep learning (even when you think you know everything already). You use every possible resource to learn more. You prepare for success. (Remember: Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.)

90%I Will– Your preparation has given you confidence that nothing can stop you now. ALMOST THERE!

100%I DidIf you “REALLY want to achieve a goal, there are NO EXCUSES!

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t — you are right.”


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