Be Like Lin

We’ve all heard his story by now…and we’ve all fallen in love with it. Let’s face it, we all root for the underdog. What Jeremy Lin is doing in the NBA right now is remarkable considering all of the factors that work against his favor. Young players today could learn a thing or two from Linsanity. As a matter of fact, everyone could learn something from Jeremy Lin.

Perhaps the most impressive part of Lin’s entire make up is his determination and confidence, which was never shaken…or at least he has made it appear that his confidence has never taken a hit. Going un-drafted, then cut twice, leaving the D-League as the only avenue to reach his goal had to be very discouraging. Lin was cut on Christmas Eve from the Houston Rockets and found himself sleeping on his brother’s couch wondering whether or not he’ll ever be given a legitimate opportunity to play in the NBA! Christmas Eve! It had to be tough. Imagine knowing that you were so very close to reaching your goal only to get cut for a second time. Imagine that the only person who truly believes in you, is yourself. When you have a degree from Harvard (of all places) in your back pocket, certainly it would make it even more difficult to continue to pursue a seemingly impossible dream of playing professional basketball. I’m sure there were plenty of people (family and friends) in his ear begging him to make good use of the Harvard degree and forget the NBA. Most people would give up (their dream) at this point and just go on to get the best job their education can get. But luckily, Jeremy Lin isn’t like most people.

“The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack in will.”

– Vince Lombardi

It takes a certain mindset to attain true success in life. Everyone will have their own definition of success, but the path to that success (whatever your definition may be) will be the same for the most part. You have to accept the fact that there will be adversity along the way for sure.

“Failure is only the opportunity to more intelligently begin again.” – Henry Ford

It’s how each person deals with the adversity that matters most. Focus, determination, and the willingness to work hard are key elements that many people simply don’t have (It’s usually only successful people who possess these traits…go figure). It is also important that you are prepared for your opportunity (whether that opportunity arises for you or not).

“It’s better to be prepared for an opportunity that never arises than unprepared for one that does.”

The confidence that has been displayed by Jeremy Lin has been more than impressive. This confidence does not just come from his ability, but comes from the countless hours to years of preparation.

“My confidence is not in my talent; it’s in my preparation.” – Tom Seaver

The more I read of Jeremy Lin’s road to this recent success, the more I marvel at his character traits. Hard working, determined, never giving up, and never letting up. Not knowing whether or not he was going to get a forth shot at making an NBA squad, he kept working hard determined to reach his goal.  Even when he did make the Knicks roster, reports came out that they were just days from cutting him. Lin never flinched, never felt sorry for himself. He didn’t complain or throw a pity party. He stayed focused and kept working his butt off. The Knicks were forced to play Jeremy Lin due to their roster being decimated with injuries. However he got his opportunity, he would be ready this time. His number was called against the New Jersey Nets and the rest is history. This was his opportunity and he has taken it by the horns, and for the moment, he is sitting on top of the basketball world.


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