Winners vs Losers


I came across this on another website. And as almost every coach does, I decided to steal it for my own. As always, I will give credit ONCE…after that, then I claim it as my own (smile). Credit goes to coach Brad Shutter of the Plymouth Lady Panther girls basketball team for posting this on their site. If you are a coach, this is a very good piece to share with your players. Even if you are a parent of a child who plays sports, this would be something great for them to memorize.


1. When a winner makes a mistake, they take responsibility. A loser blames their teammates.

2. A winner works hard when know one is watching. A loser slacks off when the coach has his/her back turned.

3. A winner hates to lose; a loser could care less although they put up a good front.

4. A winner takes constructive criticism from the coach, realizing that it will help her and the team. A loser thinks they are being picked on and pouts.

5. A winner thinks of the team first and never wants to let the team down; a loser thinks of themselves first and the team last.

6. A winner thinks, “I am good, but not as good as I could be.” A loser thinks, “I’m not as bad as some of the others.

7. Winners make commitments and set goals with their hearts and then sets out to accomplish them; a loser makes “promises” with their mouths but never sincerely intends to keep them.

8. Winners do all the dirty jobs: rebound, set screens, dive for loose balls, take charges; losers only worry about how many points they scored.

9. A winner would rather have their team win a State Championship; a loser would rather be All-State.



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