Let’s get this thing started

This first post is just to give a summary of what to expect from this blog…at least what to expect for the time being. I say that only because this is my first attempt at blogging and even I don’t know what to expect. I do have a vision in mind on what I would like this blog to eventually turn into. But as with so many other websites and blogs out there, things don’t always turn out the way we originally plan. Having said that, I can tell you what to expect for now.

I will keep this blog sort of like a journal of my thoughts or just share what I might be going through as it relates to basketball. For example, at this present moment I am starting to plan my summer workout program for my high school JV team. I will probably post about some things that I learn along the way or something related to summer workout programs in general. Every now and then I will post about the happenings in the basketball world. I may comment about the upcoming NBA Finals, or about a particular player, etc. I’d also like to share my thoughts or reviews on a few basketball-related products I may be using or may have used in the past. Basketball DVDs, movies, video games, book, practice equipment, etc. will be reviewed as long as I have had experience with the product. You will also come across some of my favorite videos of basketball moments, stories, and highlights.

My intention is to make this a basketball hub of information, motivation and entertainment for basketball junkies like myself. Your comments and feedback will always be welcome and encouraged! Hopefully I will be good at this blogging stuff. We shall see!


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